Change the URL of my landing page

I would like the URL that comes up when a user goes to my landing page to be something other than the default Is that possible, and if so, how?

Hey Greg, the first question is, do you have a Wordpress site, if you do then on the launch tab of the Landing page there is a download link there, this then allows you to change the url to look like part of your website.

If not then again on the launch tab you want to take a look at the custom domains section, this allows you, via using your DNS settings of your website to create a subdomain address.

Hope that helps.


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Can you explain how this is done in detail?

I did the custom domain thing and when I enter my domain address in a browser, it takes me to my landing page, but the URL in the address bar changes to the address. I don’t want that. I want them to think they are still on my domain.

@Greg_Gardner, if you have a WP site, I would recommend using the WP Landing Page plugin. It’s pretty easy to set up. Once you get it installed, you just create a slug and copy/paste your landing page URL

Here are instructions for using the WP plugin:

Here are instructions for custom domains and Iframing:

Thanks. That will probably do what I need.

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