Change Landing Page Link to Comply with Facebook Requirements

What am I doing wrong? I created a landing page and wish to create a paid ad on Facebook to get people to my landing page (lead capture). When I create my ad (in Facebook), I copy and paste the website URL (of my landing page) into the appropriate field. As you know, the URL of a landing page is kinda ugly with a bunch of numbers and the URL buried inside it. I obviously don’t want this to show in my ad so I type my actual domain name in the optional Display link field. However, Facebook doesn’t like this and is rejecting my ad because the display URL looks nothing like the website URL for my landing page. I’m obviously doing something (very basic) wrong so please be gentle with your replies.

Hey Steven, first question, do you have a wordpress site?

Thanks for posting reply Andy. Um, no, I don’t use Wordpress. I use Weebly (which I know is a dirty word round here). I tried to set it up inside Weebly but no good. But I did have success! I ended up creating a custom domain for the InfusionSoft landing page I created. Easy enough to do by adding a TXT and CNAME record to my domain host and connecting it at the final launch screen. I made the change in Facebook and it was approved. So, fingers crossed it works and I’l be able to rinse and repeat.