Tracking customers that click our Calendly link

Our current email campaign is not scalable. An email drives customers to a landing page. When a customer clicks the ‘Schedule a Call Buttons’(these are actually forms) on the landing page they are tagged and linked to our calendly appointment page.

But this is not a perfect procedure. We don’t have a way to track who clicked the ‘Schedule a Call’ button vs who actually completed the calendly scheduling link and got on the calendar. Currently, we create a task anytime the calendly scheduling button is clicked and reconcile that at end of day with the Calendly account, and then manually remove customer from the campaign sequence.
This works for 30 people, but it wouldn’t be feasible for 300.

We don’t want to pull anyone out of the campaign that didn’t complete the scheduling link
We don’t want to navigate away from the landing page, when someone tries to schedule with us.
We don’t use the IS calendar, we use Google Calendars.

We’re considering apps like ScheduleOnce, Appointment Core, and Plusthis but none seem to be the magic bullet solution and each come with their own drawbacks.

Any advice for integrating scheduling with IS campaign would be appreciated. Thank You

You can integrate Calendly.
You would trigger the person as ‘clicked’ by tagging them and triggering a tag goal. In that sequence you could say “you clicked to schedule, but we don’t show you scheduled yet”
Then, further to the right, would be the tag that gets applied when they schedule on Calendly. That would pull them out of the ‘you clicked but didn’t schedule’ and into the ‘here are your appt reminders’ and give you an accurate count of who scheduled.


Jeff, thank you for your response.

“Then, further to the right, would be the tag that gets applied when they schedule on Calendly.”

Could you expand on this? I’m not familiar with a way to tag customers who schedule on Calendly. But it would be game-changer if I did. Right now, they only get tagged when they click a form button and are directed to calendly link.

I wonder if we need Zapier for this? - I gave Zapier a try, and it did work. So that’s a great start.

Do want to confirm, there’s not another way to do this. Thanks again

You would need a 3rd party integration. You could use Zapier, but if this is the only integration you are using, I’d suggestion Integromat.

Zapier requires a paid service to integrate with Infusionsoft, and you could probably get away with the free version of Integromat.


Fantastic. Thank you, Jeff!!!