Asking again about Appointment Core

Someone closed my question within minutes so I"m asking again…
Hey everyone…I’m hoping to get some specifics around how Appointment Core can integrate with Infusionsoft. All I see is it adds appointments to the calendar. I’m looking for details regarding how it can work within a campaign…currently using Calendly and all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that by clicking an email link that means an appointment has been scheduled. I’d like to be able to provide some better follow up with it…

AC has an option (on a booking link by link basis) to raise what tags you want and that can be used to begin your campaign/sequence. Your post wasn’t closed it was merged with a topic on the same subject where the answer was already given.

Here ya go Brad:

You can jump to the 2:00 minutes mark for specifics on how to apply a tag when someone schedules.

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Perfect…thanks Greg.

Thanks John. This is the detail I was looking for that I didn’t see in the
previous answers.

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