How do I add a tag when an appointment is made?

Hi … I’ve created various appointment links, which I’m using on my website, to allow visitors to book into my diary. Once a booking is made, I want to send the contact a pre-appointment survey.

I figured this would be a campaign, but can’t see how I hook into the appointment to know:

  • add a tag to say the call has been booked
  • the day before the appointment - to send the pre-call email with the survey

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

What service are you using to book the appointment? AppointmentCore, …?

Just the basic InfusionSoft appointments feature (links generated per appointment type).

Using Keap, they have not implemented any followup actions yet. Other than the appointment getting set, there isn’t anything to automate it’s follow up :confused:

Thanks. I suspected as much. I’ve signed up to ScheduleOnce, and I’ll incorporate the integration with InfusionSoft for now.

SO is great. Another that works well is AppointmentCore :wink:

Take a look and see if this helps:


Thanks for the detailed reply, Jeff … It looks like I’m trialling with Keep 250 offering, which doesn’t look like your version
I dropped you an email, by the way, with an enquiry on it as I couldn’t figure out how to DM on this forum.

Yeah, since this is in the Keap forum…you can’t. They didn’t provide for it…at least not yet.