How to apply a tag when using Calendly HTML integration

Hello, I’m trying to apply a tag when someone schedules an appointment in my funnel and lands on the next page in the sequence.

  • I’m using a Calendly HTML inline embed integration on my booking page in Keap. This means my Calendly calendar is displayed on the page and you can schedule a time on the page.
  • I would like to apply a tag once someone completes an appointment booking.
  • Once someone books an appointment, they will then be redirected to the next page in my funnel to fill out an application.
  • The redirect is programmed in Calendly and that is working fine.
  • However, the issue is getting a tag to fire once someone has booked so that my email automations will fire.

Is there a way to apply a tag to a user who has completed a booking and has landed on the next page in the sequence of the funnel?

Hi Kenneth, assuming I am reading this right, the booking is made inside Calendly. Therefore Keap won’t know anything about it. What you would need to do is you an integration tool such as Zapier in this situation which will be able to see the booking happen and update Keap accordingly with the tag.

Hope that helps


Thanks Andy, good suggestion.

I’ll give that a shot.

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