Buttons In Internal (Staff) Emails

I am trying to make something work, and running into a roadblock. I’m not sure if I can make it work.

A contact inquires and we need to check their date. An internal email is sent to a staff member with three buttons: date available (Schedule consult), date available (Send pricing), and date unavailable.

I want the employee to look at our calendar, determine if the date is available or not, and then click the correct button. Once clicked, that would add the correct tag to move the contact to the correct sequence, which adds the tag to put them in the correct campaign.

Right now, I have a landing page built as the thank you page. So when the button is pressed, it goes to the URL of the landing page, with ?contactId=~Contact.Id~ added to the end of the URL. However, while testing it, I noticed that the ~Contact.Id~ in the URL is the address for the employee it is sent to, but the ~Contact.Id~ in the email body is for the contact inquiring for date availability.

I hope that makes sense. I’m just trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Or if I need to do something different to make this work.

Hi there Tony,

An interesting challenge to be sure! I’d need to have a look for myself to see what is going on in detail. But just as a theory, is the tag being applied by the button or on the landing page?

It might be worth seeing if you can apply the necessary tag with 3 “email link clicked” goals leading in to 3 separate sequences which apply the appropriate tag. This means that the tag will be applied on the campaign level as opposed to on the landing page so that the contact Id shouldn’t be a factor.

It’s a bit tricky wrapping my head around what you have described though! But I hope this helps.


Here is what I currently have for a flow.

Email is sent to my assistant. Merge tags in the body tell her name and email address. She clicks the corresponding button for my availability on the requested date.

Each button goes to a thank you landing page I built.

In the campaign, I have tied three link click goals to the sequence containing the email. After each link click goal is a sequence that adds the tag to the next campaign they should be placed in.

What is happening now is she clicks the link, it goes to landing page. But the contact isn’t moving to the next sequence based off the link click goal. So, my thinking is the link click goal doesn’t work unless the contact making the inquiry clicks the button. In other words, my assistant can’t click it for the contact, if that makes sense.

I attached a photo.

@Tony_Schwartz, the problem is that links created in emails the normal way using the link widget in the editor will pick up the contact ID and details of the contact who clicked it which makes it a challenge when someone else (like a User) clicks on an email link and tries to fill out a form on behalf of the contact.

The way we get around this is to build the link in the HTML widget (this works only if using the older Legacy email template, not the new) and then append the contact details (using the structure you posted above but using Name, Email, etc) to the link that you want passed to the form.

You can also just leave the raw link in the email w/o using the HTML snippet - just don’t configure the link the way you normally do. If you just append the link with the contact’s email merge code, that will be enough to identify the contact and the form can be filled out on his behalf.

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I think I understand what you are saying and I found another thread last night where you mentioned similar. Using this link - https://df372-c5e6ca.pages.infusionsoft.net/ - what the structure look like after the / ?

It would look like ?Email=~Contact.Email~. Is this using the new landing page builder, @Tony_Schwartz? If so, I’m not sure the link structure will work. I only use them with Infusionsoft hosted forms and older landing pages.

I’m trying a few things out to figure out how to make it work. I’m also trying to put a IS hosted form on the new landing page, to see if that works.

So, this shows up in the URL line in my broswer:


Which is what I want. However, the webform on the landing page doesn’t show up.

Here is my current flow; unfortunately, can’t use the link click goals as it wouldn’t allow me to select the link. But my webform isn’t showing up on the landing page now…