ScheduleOnce Tags

So when a Contact schedules an Appointment via ScheduleOnce, 2 tags were created. The one below I don’t understand. Why would I need a Tag for his specific Appointment with Tracking ID. Just to look it up by ID if needed? Or is there a reason I would use it in a Campaign or other strategy?

ScheduleOnce appointment-specific lifecycle tags - this one had the tracking ID


Hi Shaun. I don’t see the actual tag that you’ve posted - but if it’s one with a list of numbers, you can choose to NOT have those applied. Just go to the CRM Integration settings and deselect that one. I’m not sure what the case scenario is for people using those but I turn them off as well :slight_smile:

ok yes, its creating a Tag like this: Scheduled (Tracking ID: C2AD0132)
every time someone schedules an appointment with ScheduleOnce. If lots of people schedule appointments, that will be lots of Tags created I don’t need. Any way to not have these created?

Yes, like I mentioned above, the option to turn them off is in the CRM Integration section of the settings. When you get to the Tag part, you’ll see where you can opt to not have them created.

found it. Thank you!

That’s great, @Shaun_Lawrence! Glad to help :slight_smile: