Tracking Codes - Webpage automation

How can i record the “date” in a contacts records every time they hit a tracking code on a webpage.

I have set up an webpage automation in campaign builder using the tracking code which currently sends me a task notification (as a test to see if it actually works).

Id like to build up data of “dates” that do NOT overwrite the previous dates but unsure how set up.
Can anyone suggest a methodology?


You would need to use a 3rd party, like PlusThis, etc.

Set one custom field for ‘current date’ and one field for ‘all visits’. Every Maine they hit the sequence, use a Set Field process to set ‘current’ to ‘use date they hit this process’ and ‘overwrite’. Use the third party to merge the fields. Merge ‘current’ into ‘all’ with a comma in between. That will give you a running list of all dates they hit the page.

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Thanks Jeff
Is it not possible to achieve the outcome without a 3rd party as this is not an option for me?
If not, do you have any suggestions of how to record this activity?