Automated Trigger not firing

Greetings Community,

I have a campaign trigger with a “Web page Automation Goal” which is not firing(Goals - Web Page Automation | Max Classic). When a user visits a specified web page on my site, that user’s contact record should be tagged in the CRM as “logged in”. The contact already has a record in the system and there were no cookies nor pop-up blockers active during our testing. For some reason, the trigger will not fire.

I have tried removing the “tracking code” from my site and re-implementing it, and we have followed the directions outlined by I.S. to implement these automatons. Has anyone experienced this issue? If so, what was your resolution?

We have a web page automation goal also that has been working for a while. Suddenly in the middle of July, it stopped working without us changing anything. We have tried testing and can’t get it to fire, nor can we even get consistent results from the Web Profile tracking feature on the contact record.

Considering that Infusionsoft posted an update around this same time that broke other things for us, I’m wondering if this is yet another feature that was broken.

We have the web tracking script on all of our web pages. If we go to Lead Generation, we see the visitor data. However, if we test with a fresh browser and no cookies, go to the web site, browse a couple pages, fill out a web form and even wait, the web browsing data never shows up under that contact record under the Web Profile tab.

Are you seeing the same behavior by chance?