Pixel code not firing

Hi - I have a client that is using a “pixel” goal – but their pixel is not working.

They sent me these screenshots:

I don’t really know how to help them fix this or where to direct them for help from Infusionsoft.

The Web Page Automation goal is designed to work in a two-stage process. First, a contact must be cookied (meaning they clicked a link, placed an order, or submitted a web form), and then the second part is that they must visit the page with the tracking code (from the same device, so the cookie is present).

Then, if you have a goal set up in the campaign builder listening for that specific URL, the contact with the cookie should achieve that goal and trigger the campaign. Here’s a blog post that may help:

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile: I should have mentioned that yes, they did submit a web form already and are inside of the campaign. They also have another pixel code trigger that is working, but for some reason this one is not and I’m not sure where to direct their developers to troubleshoot it…


Sorry, I’m not sure how to best guide them. If you have the 1) pixel code embedded, 2) the goal configured, 3) the contact’s device cookied, 4) the campaign published, and the goal is available to be achieved by the contact - then it should be working.

Have you contacted Infusionsoft support? Do they have any advice for this?

The only reason I can think this wouldn’t work (going by the images) is if they still need to publish/re-publish the campaign.