Facebook pixels registered but not firing on order forms

I added a facebook pixel to an order form header and it shows it’s on the form, but not firing and tracking information. We also use spiffy so I tested taking the spiffy code out but still had the same issue. Has anyone else had this issue or do you have suggestions on how else we can go about troubleshooting?

Thank you in advance!

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We figured out the issue. Thanks!

@Michele_Lambert I’m glad you guys figured it out, is it possible to share how you figured it out? in case someone else has the same issue?


+1 for info on how you figured it out. Always good to know the solutions ahead of time in case we ever run into the same issue.

Hi Michele,

Ho did you figure this out?


This was almost four years ago and he’s never returned to the forum so I wouldn’t hold out hope he’s going to respond to the question of how he figured it out :wink: