Infusionsoft Tracking Code - not working on Android

Hi - We have

  1. Installed Infusionsoft Tracking Code on every page on our Website
  2. Set up Infusionsoft Forms as the start of every process on the site
    (eg Checkout / Sign up etc)
  3. So when a user fills in a form, the Infusionsoft Tracker Cookie is placed on the users Browser
  4. This allows us to run campaigns with Web Page Automation - Yay!
  5. This works well when user is on Desktop PC, iMac and iPhone,

BUT - it doesn’t work with Android Mobile (Mobile Chrome) (45% of our Mobile Users!)

Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks

I have a Note 8 running Chrome and it worked in my test. I see that there is a known issue around web page automation goals, but it doesn’t sound like what you are experiencing.