Triggering campaign from web visit

Is there a way to trigger a campaign when a contact makes a return visit to our website containing the tracking code? This is not the initial visit, but in this circumstance, the contact will not complete a form, or click on an email link - just visit the site.
Is there more detail available about what is trackable and measurable by the website code?

You can set up a Web Page Automation goal.
That way, when someone has been to your site and been cookied, when they return, automation will trigger.


Thanks Jeff - I tried that, but results appear to be inconsistent. It is probably because I am not clear on exactly what the circumstances for triggering the visit recognition are. You mention the cookies - do they have a finite life (i.e. do they time out)? I actually want to increment lead score based on visitor frequency.

Since it’s cookie-based, it won’t be 100%. And … unfortunately, I’m not sure of the cookie duration, but I’d estimate 6 months.

Thanks Jeff