Tasks being set from webform but there's no automation for that to happen

Hi guys, I hope everyone is well.

I am having an issue with my webforms. I have two set up on my site and one of them is a lead capture form; they fill in their details and then the automation assigns it to an owner, sets them a task and then applies a tag which is all fine.

The other one is a normal email opt-in but that one is also setting tasks for our team when there is no automation/sequence in behind it to make that happen so I’m getting a bit confused as to why it is. The only thing that happens is that they are sent an email thanking them for filling out their details and with a little bit of ‘about us’ information and for them to have an email opt-in tag applied, that’s all.

Any help with this would be hugely appreciated.


It doesn’t have to be something in campaign builder. It can be done by action set, by third party processes or even a tag set to apply when the link is clicked that is getting used to trigger something else to happen.