Automation and Sales Pipeline - three dimensional tag management

Hi there!

I’m configuring all campaigns with the three dimensional system (Status tags, History tags, System tags etc…) I was wondering if there’s a video tutorial on how to manage internal automation using this 3D principle.
The problem is that i’m having difficulties to understand how to automate sales process (tasks, notes, next action sets) with this system. It seems to me that when i’ll figure it out probably all the sales pipeline will be completely useless because i don’t understand when use next action or tasks or whatever.

I know this question is a little messy, but i would really like to have an exhaustive explanation of sales pipeline automation with campaign builder in order to have my sales rep don’t use any external platform, but she can use IS to manage both the contact record and sales process.

I hope this is clear enough.

Thank you

Hi Fabrizio,

It might be helpful if you specify in real terms what your campaign looks like. How the prospect enters the campaign, what you want to happen, in what order and when, and what the end goal is, or goals along the way.

I might not be the best person to explain everything to you but laying out the above would probably help somebody else get a better idea of what you’re looking for and how you’d start going about planning your tagging system.


I have a mainly offline oriented business.

All my follow ups (and the biggest part of the lead generation) are done on the phone or direct mailing, so my sales rep needs to manually do stuff/mark tasks as completed/apply tags notes, whatever…

These actions are both automatically and manually applied and i’m struggling in configuring sales pipeline processes with campaign builder.
Actually i still haven’t figured out when it is best to use task or opportunities and how to make them work smoothly in a “manual” automation as i explained.

I’m trying right now to design all automation and reorganizing tags, triggers and notes and i would like to have a better understanding of sales pipeline and how to manage it with campaign builder.

For example:

  • Is it best to track down all my sales process in the opportunity manager or in campaign builder (considering that it’s mainly done offline)?
  • Can i set reminders on “next action sets” under one opportunity or it’s best to configure a task?
  • how can i automate my offline process to i track actions that my lead does?

Stuff like that…

It seems to me that is best to use campaign builder to automate internal processes, but if this is true i’m wondering what’s the real use of sales pipeline?

Hope that’s clear enough

Thank you

Hi Fabrizio,

Sorry I’m replying so late, you’ve probably resolved all your issues already by now!

Personally, I don’t use opportunities, but something like might be what makes the most sense to you. I prefer to have a series of tags that describe the phase of the sales process that the contact is in. Certain events such a demonstration being booked, a quote being submitted or a form being filled out, will trigger a sequence that removes one tag and applies the next.

As far as offline work and Infusionsoft working together, I’ve had similar issues before. I found that a good way to tackle this is to send email reminders to the sales staff whenever something happens that means a ‘real world’ task has to be complete.

If the task requires input into Infusionsoft once the task is complete (for tracking or note taking) then you can add a reminder to the email to say ‘record notes from your call with the contact and apply X tag once you have followed up with the contact.’ Things like that.

I hope you found some of this helpful if not redundant because the problem was solved already! :slight_smile: