How can I gain a better understanding of the user interface that the Sales People will be using?

I’m looking to make a campaign for a client’s business but their sales staff have never used Infusionsoft before. I’d need to give concise instructions on how to use their ‘My Day’ facility and how to apply tags and notes etc.

Previously, I’ve only ever worked on building new campaigns for businesses that already use Infusionsoft for other areas of their company and so their sales staff understand how it works already.

Services like Infusionsoft University, while very good for progressing to being a competent campaign builder, don’t cover this in much detail.

I’m wondering if there are any resources that anybody knows of that can give a detailed guide on this area in particular. Have any of you faced this issue before? How did you overcome it?


Hi Joe,

Here are Help Guides that go over My Day, Tags, and Notes. If you (or sales staff) have additional questions you can reach out to Support.

Hey Joe! If you’ve got a sales team then you very well might find yourself using the Opportunities section of the software, also known as the “Pipeline”, here’s a crash course on those features and where they fit, how they work, etc.

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Thanks Amanda, these will definitely be of use.

Thankyou Greg, I’ve been meaning to read up on Opportunities. I feel like they’re essential for best practise.

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