Subscription payment processing

Who do you use for subscription payment processing? We use wepay and have used Paypal in the past and we are looking for something that is compatible with IS but possibly something that allows people to update their own payment info without me having to manually enter it.

Hi Kelley, I use Infusionsoft Payments (which is also WePay), and it has a feature where if a credit card is updated, it can automatically retrieve the new details and update the card on file for the contact. This, in theory, is really useful (but I’ve had a few quirks with it recently).

I also use CustomerHub, which does a number of things, but among it’s features is an “account” page, which allows my customers to see and print their invoices, pay outstanding balances, and update the credit card they may have on file.

You don’t necessarily need to use CustomerHub, there are a number of other membership style options that could do the same thing (if you use WordPress you may want to look at iMember360 or Memberium).

Thanks Greg but my issue is if someone updates their cc in Customer Hub or Infusionsoft without a charge going through when they update it, then the CVV code is not saved (this is confirmed by IS) and therefore no further charges will be tried and I will not be notified since it’s not actually a failed payment.

Ahhhhhhh yes, haha, I’m familiar with this “feature”, and it affects me too. I haven’t found a good way of handling this, except reaching out and manually collecting the CVV number after the fact - which is annoying for everyone involved.