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I need to set triggers so that customers can update their credit card information
for when an auto charge fails (any product) on the first failure

And also when a credit card of any type will expire

I understand that I need to merge an email (template) for the customer to update their information but I am a little fuzzy on the procedure

I need a video or some written explanation as I am not able to follow what I have found so far on how to go about adjusting our settings

Customers orders get declined and they are upset because their card is not expired

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you,

Take a look at my answer in this thread and see if that helps.


@Jeff_Arnold I checked out the video and I don’t think loom captured all your screen. :slight_smile:

@Pamela_murray I made another movie. https://www.loom.com/share/5bcff703983d4de1a855add00c1b9660.

Also, you should really check out CustomerHub for something like this. Your customers can manage all this billing stuff on their own. Add/update Credit card, see all invoices and pay past due if they need to as well.

Check it out: https://www.customerhub.com/

Hi, thank you very much for this video. Yes, it is very helpful. We did not have this set up when we started the business and I think we need to do it. You’ve shown me all the necessary steps and I have the written guide to help me too.

Pam :blush:

Thank you Jeff we will certainly look into Customer Hub.

Pam :blush:

Hi, I had an additional question on this topic, one that I had not thought to ask?

Can anyone explain how an expired credit card decline works? And why would a customer complain that there card is not expired when their card was clearly declined because it was expired. Why don’t they know? I have not understood the process, how it all works enough to be able to help the customer to understand. Instead often times customers will say, “but my card works everywhere else but not on your site”. “Your site does not like my card”. “There is something wrong your end” … to name a few .

I had resolved that WePay is right 99% of the time and I reserve the 1% of the time in situations like these when I really don’t understand what is going on.

So my question is is … if a customers card is expired why don’t they seem to know it?

I think that some of our older customers have updated their cards with their banks but their information somehow isn’t updating with us, thus I see the need to send an update email but I just don’t understand the why of it I guess.

And I worry about sending people an email asking them to update their Credit Card information most likely due to all the media that I read saying don’t ever give your info out online.

I notice too that I have an aversion to reading as I have never enjoyed it. So I am grateful for the video showing how to add the update CC email.


@Pamela_murray I think there is a few issues going on.

When you say that your customers complain that it only fails on your site its because the CC on file is in fact not automatically being updated in Infusionsoft. In fact this only works IF you use Infusionsoft Payments (WePay) and IF the CC is visa or mastercard. Last time I checked those were the only CC wepay auto updated . You may need to ask support if that’s changed and if another merchant now does this.

Because the CC in Infusionsoft is not automatically updating the Exp date. You will need the billing automation setup to ask them to manually update things.

Unfortunately, unless you’re company like Amazon :slight_smile: you will need to always ask a member to update CC details. Infusionsoft also needs to update the form so it doesn’t look like so outdated.

Hi Mike, we do use Infusionsoft Payments (WePay) I believe.

I do want to set up the billing automation for contacts to update their CC info. I just want to make sure I know how to do it. I am working on how to create the email template for it. What the subject line should be, how I should word the body of the letter. There are a lot of little steps like this that I need to work out. I may need to ask for further help with creating the email, the rest seems pretty straight forward.

The Billing Automation as described in the video is against Keap’s Privacy Policy.
I was shown a way to help customers update their information privately when situations arise where they can’t get an order through because of old information.