Billing Notifications for Failures

I want to setup an email that will notify a customer when an autocharge fails. Is there a way to pull the information on the failure and put it in the email with a link for them to pay or update their card for autocharge?

Hi David.

We do have some basic billing automation that you can set up. There is a section to set up a template that can send out, with a Credit Card HTML merge field that you can include.

You would need to set up a trigger for a failed autocharge in your Billing Automation area of the application. Here is a link to the section about creating a way for customers to update cards, but you will see that there may be other relevant articles on the left, pertaining to billing automation

This template is very generic, in the sense, that it won’t really have the ability to share many details on the failure (the product, the amount), but can trigger a template to send out to the customer, and if it contains the credit card html update link merge field, they can click and fill out a form to provide new card details.

If they update their card, will the system automatically bill again?

Great question, David. The article that I sent over references setting up a task based on the customer updating via the link, merged into the billing automation email template.

This is done through your Ecommerce>Settings>Orders section in the app. I have included a visual of me setting up a task to trigger when a customer updates via this method.

The task is designed to notify a user to update the card in the failed order. Updating the card in the order will ensure that future auto-charges run against the new card.