I need a trigger for an overdue amount

So I am looking for an option in Billing Automation or something to that effect:

  • I have built a campaign to take folks through notifications when they have a failed order
  • I have updated Billing Automation for Failed orders to add a Tag that adds folks to the above campaign.
    For standard Failed orders, it works fine.

In order to trigger the Failed Order, a purchase needs to be attempted. Unfortunately, there are many exceptions that would make an un-paid invoice NOT trigger a Failed Payment:

  • Credit Card was removed from subscription
  • Credit Card identified as expired

As a result, since these exceptions do NOT process a payment, they cause an invoice to go unpaid with no way to track except for reporting.

I would like to be able to automatically trigger a Tag on ANY contact that has an invoice that goes unpaid, even if it waits until the following day.

I’m unable to employ any integrations and just looking for a way to do this within Keap.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading,


Are these for recurring payments?


Hey Jeff,

They are both recurring and 1-time that may have failed at initiation.

Thanks for asking.