Triggering Follow Up For Unpaid Invoices In Addition To Failed Autocharge Attempts

The issue i’m dealing with is that Max Classic doesn’t have any available triggers for unpaid invoices, only for failed autocharge attempts, so if an invoice remains open because of an expired card or an invalidated card or if a card is not attached - I can’t automate any follow up with our subscribers because infusionsoft only has triggers for failed attempts.

I’m currently evaluating FortaPay as a solution to trigger follow up sequences for customers based on Unpaid Invoices rather than relying on Max Classic’s failed AutoCharge attempts for automation triggers, but it doesn’t seem like FortaPay has been updated in several years.

Does anyone know of other options to solve this problem?

Alternatively, I’d love for Max Classic to fix this issue and create triggers based on unpaid invoices that could be caused by expired credit cards or invalidated credit cards because neither of those trigger the “Failed Attempt” automations.

Any guidance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


The solution that I’ve put in play for all my clients is to have a ‘time-based’ backup process.

Basically, you set up a loping system that is based on the given timeframe that the person is set for. If they are set for monthly renewal, then you restart their loop every time they pay each month. But, at the end of the sequence where they wait, you have them wait for 33 days and if they aren’t pulled out of the sequence due to a payment being made, then it triggers a “your payment didn’t go through properly” process.

So in the screenshot below, each payment would trigger the ‘restart’ which would simply retrigger the start button and they would then sit in the ‘current’ sequence.

The ‘current’ sequence would look like this, with a 33 day timer, that would apply the ‘late’ tag if they get there. In theory, if payments are made each month (30/31 days), they will never hit 33 days, so they will never have that tag applied. However, for those folks who never have a failed payment due to no credit card, etc., then they will hit the 33 day timer which will trigger the ‘late’ sequence saying that there is an issue with their payment and they need to get with you to get it rectified.

It isn’t the best solution, but I have found it works for the scenarios you have outlined, as well as for payments that are made externally that fail.


Thanks for the suggestion. I feel like that would get out of sync relatively quickly. Especially if they had a payment that was 7 days late, then the system would be 10 days behind for the next cycle, if you add the 3 that is. So if they were late again I wouldn’t consistently be able to remove access to our community after 2 weeks of non-payment, as an example.

It doesn’t get out of sync as you are imagining, because in Keap the due date stays the same. If they are due for a payment on 1/1, but they are late and they don’t pay until 1/10, it does’t reset the next due date for 2/10. The payment is applied for the 1/1 payment and the next due date remains 2/1. We do a little more detailed work on setting the reminder systems so things don’t go the way you outlined it, but I wanted to give you the general outline of how you could configure it without going super-deep into how to work on setting the timers, etc. using 3rd parties, etc. to be sure everything was perfectly timed.