Triggering update in IS from recurring payment in paypal

Hello, My WooCommerce shop is linked to my infusionsoft account with infusedwoo. I have recently set up a subscription product using YITH Woocomerce Subscription plugin. The initial order links to my Infusionsoft account and tags the contact to tell me they have purchased. The payment can be made by Stripe or Paypal. How can I get an integration that will tell my infusionsoft contact record when a contact pays a subsequent subscription payment, or cancels the subscription? Thank you.

Either use the UI option of purchase goal triggers or use the API/REST option of webhooks.

Thank you John, From your reply it sounds like it might be possible. We also want to pay commission to referral partners on the subscription payments, so I am determined to find a solution. Do you know how I can find out more detail (in simple steps) about how to set it up?

If commissions are also going to be part of your workflow then just using the UI probably won’t work…Where is the payment actually made/hosted from though? From your WP/WC site or from a Keap order page. To implement everything you want, you may need to have some code written to fill in some of the disconnected pieces. But a lot of that will depend on the overall workflow from start to ‘finish’

Hi John,

The payment is made through either paypal or stripe, but the subscription product is in my Woocommerce shop - not from Keap. I use InfusedWoo to link the shop purchases to my Infusionsoft account, but I also need the subsequent subscription payments made after the first month to trigger an update in IS (primarily so that I can more easily calculate commission payments to referral partners). The customer manages their account through my WooCommerce shop so I hoped that InfusedWoo would handle it, but i can’t find a callname to use. I will check the subscriptions I’ve had so far, as I think they’ve all been paid through Paypal so far.

Thank you for your help in trying to figure it out.

Ok, so your mention of the ‘callname’ is triggering in my mind that you might be missing some details that might help. A ‘callname’ usually refers to part of the setup for api goals…this is something you decide the name of when you setup those api goals in campaign builder.

When WC registers the subscription, I’m assuming that it makes a record of it in your IBK app? Does it also register the payment(s)?