Sometimes Simple is the hardest!

I’m trying to set up a very simple notification sequence. I have an email set up to go out that includes a link. When the link is clicked (it’s to a timetrade account) I need to be notified…what’s the easiest way to accomplish this?

I would say have the link apply a tag that triggers a separate tag goal, leading to the notification sequence.

I just hate the thought of having all those tags applied - this is an email that goes out monthly to a large group…I had something set up in legacy but now it’s gone so I’m at a loss.

What if the Notification sequence I referenced also removes the tag? You could have the tag removed once they get in the notification sequence so the contact wouldn’t have it on their record.

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That seems complicated to me…I’m rather new to Infusion Soft. Can you point me to a training video that shows me how to do this? Thanks

I don’t have a specific training video on this, but take a look at the visual video I create.

for about 3 minutes, I show setting up a very basic campaign (May differ from yours, but the idea should translate)

I start with a tag to kick off the campaign, which leads my contacts into a sequence that sends them their email. In the email, I configure a button to link the customer to a URL, but also apply a tag.

You will see that I return to the main level of the campaign, and separate from the first part, I create a new tag goal, and set this same tag from the button to achieve the goal. This leads the contact into a sequence where I remove this tag, and then have the ability to send the notification email out.

Take a look at this visual and let me know if this helps. 2017-07-27_1237

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