I want to use Infusionsoft to manage interoffice tasks ... but it's not working

Hello all!

When we get a new employee, there a lots of oftentimes sequential tasks that current staff members have to do. For instance, folks in the finance office currently work through a check list of everything thing from getting a W4 completed, signing up the new employee for insurance, etc.

I created a campaign whereby when a new contact is created and the “new-employee” tag is attached the the contact’s account, the campaign begins. The first sequence in the campaign starts with a series of 3 identical emails with day-timers in between. The emails are identical since they simply act as reminders that the task needs to be completed. The 4th email is to me and lets me know that if we are getting to this point, the staff member failed to do the task even after 3 reminders! Important note: The staff member is NOT a user in the Infusionsoft system. The first three staff member emails include a button that, when clicked, takes the staff member to a “Thanks for completing the task” landing page. Clicking this link is supposed to register as a link-click and stop that sequence since no further reminder emails are needed.

Since the task was completed, the next sequence in the campaign will be a series of emails to the next staff member … you get the idea.

The above does not work. I was told that because the staff members are NOT the new contact and are NOT users in the Infusionsoft system the clicking of a link has no effect to stop the sequence from sending every email in it.

So … I would like some help. Is there a work-around IN or OUT of Infusionsoft that will accomplish my goal to 1) alert/manage staff members and their tasks and 2) sequentially move the campaign through to all other staff member tasks in it?

Talking about thinking outside the box, huh!!!


They are correct that the button won’t work, as they are not the ‘contact’ in question.
Have the button go to a web form that feeds in the contact’s email address.

Then, have that web form have options for the items that have been completed.

Have those items trigger tags that trigger the completion of the task and move people through your campaign.


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Well! So glad to know there is an answer to this!! Thanks, much, Jeff!

Now … I’m new to Infusionsoft … so how do I have the form feed the contact’s email address? (and by “contact” I assume you mean the new staff member … or do you mean the staff member that was assigned the task?)


It would be feeding in the email for the new staff member.

In the link to the web form, you would use parameters. www.webformURL.com?email=~Contact.Email~

(Don’t quote me on the parameters, as I’m not in front of my computer with all my notes, but essentially that’s what you’d be doing).


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Thanks so much!

Jeff, I was able to pass the first name, last name, and email address of the staff member to the form so that when they clicked the radio button that they completed the task, the tag would appear on their contact record (I had to set them up as such or the campaign never registered any click action.)

If you notice the attached image, I have a given a link to am image showing that after the email sequence (that includes only the email to the staff member and a 10 minute wait to give me time to get the email, click the link to the form and submit the form) there is to be a goal and some decision making.

The problem is that the campaign never gets to the decision stage so I assume that it never applies the goal, even though the form has been completed. Click HERE to see campaign.

What am I doing wrong?

Any further help here?

Well, it appears that the routine now works. Not sure what changed … but it does.