Campaign not starting

Hi there, my campaign triggers are working but nothing is starting when I add the required tag. I have asked the support but they sent me here and said someone will be able to assist.

Once I add a tag “Send document” should Infusionsoft (through Parsey) trigger a DocuSign lease agreement to be triggered. Can someone help me to fix this?

Try taking a snapshot of the campaign and posting it. We can’t tell much without seeing what you’re doing.

Everything seems fine, I just don’t know why it’s not starting.

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So you don’t have anything “pulling” contacts out of these sequences. The result can be that if they run through once, then they get “stuck” at the end. This would mean that they couldn’t be re-added later. You might be seeing the end result of that dynamic.


How do I add this sequence then? I’ve followed the exact instructions provided by Parsey for the integration.

@Ross_Fitzcharles, I’ve done this several times. The key is in your Docusign sequence. The first thing needs to be the http post that you get from Parsey. That is what sends the Document that you have integrated between Parsey and Docusign.


You also need to test it the way Parsey’s documentation explains.


Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. I think I found the problem… My Infusionsoft ContactId wasn’t linked up correctly in Parsey. It works perfectly now. Appreciate the quick response. What a great experience.