Best way to create a Staff Campaign

I’d like to build out a campaign for the employees of my office whereby any new staff member will receive all the necessary materials sent to them via email automatically. In addition to new employees receiving all the new employee handbooks, insurance forms, company info, etc…I want this campaign to also serve as a automation portal to send out monthly reminders to all staff, birthday messages, weekly updates, marketing updates the staff should know about, etc…I’m finding it more and more necessary to automate these processes so that everyone is on the same sheet of music.

My question relates to this…: Should I simply add each staff member as a contact within IS…and handle tagging these contacts as such…based on the campaign tags I will create…Or is there a better way to identify these contacts as Employees of the company…and manage them that way?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

@Chris_Seal we’ve done something similar for a client, nothing quite at extensive as you have it mind. Although, everything you mention are great ideas. In our case, we have the employees entered as contacts and then tag them accordingly. We then add addition tags for the various internal campaigns we want them in.

Good Luck!


It sounds like what you are wanting to do can be solved best by creating a campaign to handle the onboarding and then either a different campaign or an email broadcast.

First of all, if your current employees are not contacts in your Infusionsoft app you will need to add them. The easiest way to do that is to import contacts. You can get more information on how to import contacts here:

As you’re importing them make sure to add a unique tag to the records that identifies them as employees.

For the initial onboarding campaign I would recommend creating a new employee tag and then setting that as a goal to start your campaign. From there you can set all the necessary documents to be sent.