Campaign for leads from a trade show

Hi. This is my first time asking questions in the IS community.
We are exhibiting at a trade show and I’d like to run an infusionsoft campaign for our sales team.
What are your recommendations for a lead capture form?
I’d like a prospects details entered into IS, tagged that they met us at the show, then the tag triggers an introductory email with product info and links to blogs.
Do I start with an Internal Form?
Thanks, Adrienne

You could use an internal form if you intend for ONLY your IS users (not contacts) to use it. You might want to use a webform and set it up on a tablet. You could then have check boxes or drop downs for the values (such as ‘met at event’ etc) and raise tags based upon what is selected. You can use either internal or web forms being submitted as a goal to begin the campaign and then you will, of course, have all the control over tags, actions, emails etc that campaign builder offers.

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@Adrienne_McGovern, welcome!

Thanks John

Adrienne @Adrienne_McGovern I have supported several clients that work trade shows. I know the biggest challenge is to get someone to sit down and complete a form. If you are collecting business cards with permission to contact the prospect, you could also use the Infusionsoft Mobile app.

  1. In Infusionosft, simply create a trigger tag that will initiate your campaign. You may want to place a delay timer on this to launch the next day or several hours after the tag is applied.

  2. Using the Infusionsoft Mobile App, select “+” and take a picture of the business card collected. The card will be sent in to be converted into a contact record. Infusionsoft will notify you when the contact record is ready in the system for review in the app.

  3. Once you have confirmed the contact details are correct, selected to have permission to contact them, and have saved the record, you’ll be directed to the new contact record. At the bottom of the record on the “Contact” tab, you can apply the tag to launch the campaign.

Another option, if you are collecting contacts through a QR code with permission to contact the prospect, once you collect the database at the end of the event, you can upload the records into Infusionsoft and designate the “trigger tag” on import to initiate your campaign.

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Hello Adrienne,

I have built a campaign. It is a web form that I have my web designer put online and then we ask the contacts to fill it out.

They then hand it back to the member of the team and they press submit and it takes them to a second form just for them to fill out.

In the campaign, it splits the customers in to, Leads, Referrals, Competition, and Vendors based on their person type.

Next, I have timed follow up emails saying nice to meet you.

It is very basic but I am hoping it will work.

One problem I am facing is I sell 10 products, what happens if one customer wants information on 2 or 5. I don’t want to send them 5 emails. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to tackle this?



P.S. Happy to share the campaign if anyone knows how.