Best way of setting up a Internal Form for Cold Calls

Yes Cold Calls that dreaded word… But hey what can I say I love making them. What I do not love is writing everything down in the notebook, then having to enter them in to Infusionsoft. I have attened the online course, last week and Sherrod had a perfect thing he showed the class where you guys (Infusionsoft) set up a form collecting the info for one person, then it went to the auto aspect, where it went to the person ordering etc. Here are the few things I would like my form to do.

  1. Cold Calls, add in the lead and be able to tag the lead with the tags we have set-up with out having to type everything in to the companies or contact aspect of the dashboard
  2. We are a web design company, that offers monthly care plans with our website builds, and of course that means changes, I would also like to create a internal form that will allow me or my office manager to take those calls, open the internal form and then create a “ticket” for that client. They would go in to the auto responders then the web team would get the email that the work needs to be done, what needs to be done etc. That way it is tracked, and we are not having to double our work load by answering the emails in our email box, emailing the web team, updating the client file etc.

Please excuse the spelling errors from above. :wink:

What you need is possible, but I would recommend having 2 different forms - one for work orders for existing clients and another to use as an intake for your cold call details. For both, I would include radio buttons or checkboxes to note specifics about the call, then use decision diamonds within the campaign builder to route the contact into the sequence that best fits your outcome.

I would need more detail regarding your specific questions to make more specific recommendations.


Jamie, we do something very similar for our clients who have sales teams. Here are a few ideas that might work for you:

  1. When a call comes into their office, a Needs Analysis could be filled out: internal or external form.
  2. A tag is added to an Unassigned Leads list that is placed on all the sales reps dashboards via a saved search.
  3. From that list, they choose a contact and fill out an internal form selecting themself as the owner via a radio button.
  4. The campaign internal form goal sends the contact through a decision diamond and segments as per the radio button/owner selection.
  5. The owner is set in that sequence and the initial Unassigned Lead tag is removed, removing that contact from the Unassigned Leads saved search. That contact is now claimed and unavailable to the other sales reps.