Create a internal form

Can not find how to create internal forms to collect information. Drop down only has new lead and Birthday in form submission.

Thank You Dan


Inside the Internal Forms, you can drag down the field that you want to add to the form, and that’s how you build out what you want to collect.

If you can provide some more information, I’d be happy to help out.



Bare with us, @Dan_Swink,

I think it’s going to take a while for everyone to remember that there are two products that people will be asking about. If you don’t have an icon in campaign builder for internal forms then you are likely using Keap, but if you can confirm if your app is Infusionsoft or if it’s Keap then that will help us to help you :wink:

If indeed you’re using Keap then they have not created the use of internal forms (not sure if they intend to with Keap) but you should be able to use a webform in it’s place.

Found the answer. had to publish the campaign in order for the form to show up in the dropdown list.