Set Default value for custom fields


I created custom fields of text type. I want to set default values in it. Is there any way to do it from infusion soft?

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Hey Jaldip:

You can set the defaults like this:

Go to Marketing - Settings:

Click on Template Defaults

Click on Contact

That will pop open a window.

Click Show Fields next to the Contact Fields (custom) and that will give you a listing of your custom fields and you can enter the defaults values there.

Hope that helps.



Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the help. I set default values for custom fields from the steps you gave.

But when I insert the contacts in infusion and checked for contact’s custom field values, it showing blank. The default values are set correctly as per the above steps.

The default values only show up when you insert the field into an email.

So, for example, say you have a custom field for ‘favorite drink’, set the default value as ‘anything cold’, and you insert that merge field into an email (‘my favorite drink is ~customfield~’). If someone has filled in their custom field (from a web form or something) with a value of ‘iced coffee’, your sentence would be ‘my favorite drink is iced coffee’.

If their custom field has never been filled in and is visibly blank, when you send that email the sentence will be ‘ my favorite drink is anything cold’.

The defaults are only for when you use a merge field and there is no value in the field, so it doesn’t insert a blank.

Hey @Jaldip_Upadhyay if you want to actually set the value of the field, then in campaign builder you have the ability to use ‘Set Field Value’ - this allows (most) fields to be populated after (for example) a landintg page is filled in.

Jeffs solution works for merging out, but if you want the value in the CRM this is the only solution I am aware of.

All the best