Set a Field Value?

Is there a way I can “Set a Field Value” using a merge field?

Out-of-the-box, the set field value process in campaigns does not support merge fields to the level of pulling in the data. If you attempt this, it will actually just place the merge field, itself, in the new field. I am guessing you may have ran into this. Currently if you want to set a field value the value of another field, you may want to seek out something like Parsey, as this service can pull, re-situate, and copy data in Infusionsoft Contact records.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will look into Parsey. Yes, exactly, it put the merge field in there as the value.

@Elizabeth, I’m not sure about your needs scenario, but why would you want to do that when you can just merge in the custom field that you want to Set a Field Value for? I’m probably not understanding what you’re trying to do.

Hi Cheryl thanks for the response, how would I merge in the custom field to another field? That’s where I’m getting stuck… since if I put the merge code in there then it sets the field value as the merge code itself (not the actual value the person enters in the form)

What they’re wanting to do is have the Step 1 form ask for Company name and travel destination, then have those two fields be merged together into a new field, like this:

ABC Company - Seattle Trip

(as an example)

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Oh, I see what you mean…you want to combine the values from two fields into one field? I’m assuming you are putting the values in an email so just put the two merge fields side by side with a dash between them.

I try to keep things really simple but I may be misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.


Hi, yes that’s correct, to combine them. The overall idea is, for a travel company that has the exact same company in their sales funnel more than once (the same company may be going through the process of booking multiple trips all very near each other - they enter the sales funnel one week for one of their corporate trips, and the next week they may also start the process of booking a completely separate trip. But it’s the same corporation booking travel for various events)

At any one time the same company may be in different stages of the exact same sales funnel for 15 trips at the same time. One is in quote/estimate phase, another is about to close, etc. same company, different destinations/events.

Problem is the same contact record can’t be in the same sales funnel campaign in two different places at the same time… the sales process is the same though. so one idea that came to mind is having multiple contact records for the Company but with the destination as part of the name.

So their name would show up in search results as ABC Company - New York City and that entire contact record is all about that one trip. They might also have a contact record ABC Company - Phoenix .

Hi Elizabeth, I’m working through this problem exactly myself right now. I’ve been using Zapier to update the contact field. Did you find an alternate work-around?