Merge Field for ContactType

Can anyone tell me what is the correct way to show ‘Person Type’ in email via merge field 2017-11-26_1947 i used ~Contact.ContactType~ and its not working?


I can verify for you that that is the correct field to use. Note, however, that by default, that value is not set to anything. If you want to see information come through then you’ll have to make sure it gets set to the value you wish. I don’t know if that fits your use case but I’ve seen where someone assumed that it had a value (or defaulted to something). Alternatively, you can always just set the value for that field to default to what you would like in Admin->Settings, Application/Contact and on the Contact.ContactType field click ‘No Value’ and make and save the change to whatever you wish the default to be.

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i recently contacted IS support and they replied that currently merge field ~Contact.ContactType~ is not supported :frowning:

Well that sucks lol

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I was having this issue again myself. If you want to post ContactType to another system, you can use a Legacy Action Set (if this is available in your system… I may be grandfathered in with my 2009 account) . In CRM>Settings>Action Sets, you can set a single action to send an HTTP post to whatever URL. Add that step to your campaign and name it. The post will send all available file data. If you want to see what’s being sent, set up a and post to that url first.

Good luck.