Merge Fields - blank with URL?

Help Please!

I am sending our affiliate links to my new affiliates - so I created a new custom field in their contact record and populated it with their personal affiliate URL link - but whenever I test this the field is coming up blank - I have tried pasting the URL into a few different merge fields and get blank every time - can someone help?


What data type is the custom field?.. and how are you setting the url into the field? Are you certain that it’s happening after the affiliate assignment and not before?

Hi John, I am trying to send a long url - but everytime i put it into a merge field, it shortens it - and misses the long tail (the important bit!).

Hi, @Nina_Frizoni,

So I’m not sure what the max length for a url field is but have you tried a different field type, like just a text field. As far as merging into an email goes, it should function just the same (and “may” have a longer max length)?

Also, have you considered using url shorteners. Like or pretty url?