Is there a way to create a custom field for a User?

I can understand why normally a user of a system is limited by a software company. But these User accounts aren’t just used by InfusionSoft as accounts. They are also used as Owners of Contacts and this leads me to a design bottleneck where I want to assign different data to different Users to use as merge fields when creating emails that go out. There could be many other uses for these fields, but the one I am facing right now is sending different links to Contacts dependent on who their Owner is.

Unfortunately, there are no custom fields for User records. What you could do is push them down different path based on the assigned owner and then clone all the marketing content and just change the URLs


That would become a rats’ nest quickly. I used the second email address field as my own custom field. It’s silly to lock down this table that is used for campaign development. I’m not used to development platforms that are designed to be used one way only.

I’m looking for this feature as well.

Using a decision diamond is not scalable as we continue to add users/owners.

I’m looking to having a url field that can merge in an email campaign the owner’s review landing page. We already use the owner website field but need another.