Inserting the contents of a Custom Field in an email


I have set up some custom fields in Infusionsoft. I want to insert the contents in an email to a contact.

The custom fields are set up. They are populating correctly. I have looked up the back end database name in the custom field section of the admin settings. I insert the custom field back end name in a campaign builder sequence email prefixed and suffixed with “~”.

When I test the email in campaign builder the custom field contents are not being inserted in the email. Only the custom field back end name is showing complete with “~” prefix and suffix.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Newsletter Marketing Systems

If you have a contact record created for yourself and that’s what you’re sending the test to, make sure the contactor has all the custom fields inserted in it.

Alternatively, create a dummy record with all of those fields filled and send a test of that record assuming you have a valid email on it. That way it will fill in the custom fields.