<html> snippets on Forms

Hello there… I’m stuck!

I am trying to build the following campaign and having issues with the sequence where an email is sent to a contact.

Here is an image of the email…the customer is sent an email with a table of values that come from the Contact’s custom fields. The email shows up in the customers inbox with the proper data with some formatting issues that I may request assistance on a separate post. If the customer wants to engage after receiving the information, they can click on the button on the bottom of the email which points to an infusionsoft hosted form

Here is the email as seen from my inbox. As one can see, the data in the custom data fields get evaluated in the snippet that is in the body of the email. However for some reason the formatting for that specific table gets applied to the rest of the email.

The form that is linked to the button is shown in the editor window below where we passed all of the data as hidden fields and included an snippet which we would like to evaluate the custom fields and put it in a table for the customer to review (like is being done in the previous email).

However when the Contact gets directed to the infusionsoft form, this is what is served up. The custom contact fields are evaluating in the form but not in the script. We tried putting the contact.email and contact.Id in the query string but that doesn’t seem to work either. In the image below we made one of the hidden fields as “unhidden” to confirm the data is being sent to the form.

Can anyone advise on how to get the data from the custom contact fields to evaluate inside of the snippet in the form?