Passing custom field info from email html snippet to a webform

I am looking to pass custom field information from an html snippet within an email to a webform, but I simply cannot figure out the syntax!
Using the standard Contact field: FirstName, the syntax is FirstName=~Contact.FirstName~

What would the syntax be for the custom field: InsuranceCo ?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

You have to go into the custom fields edit page and click on the link for db names. It will tell you the name for that field (which may end in a number) and then you can use it with an underscore at the beginning of the name.

Thanks John. I have already found the db name, but cannot get the syntax to work.
db name is InsuranceCo
What would the syntax for the html snippet be?

For example, using the standard Contact field: FirstName, the syntax is:

I have tried
…and a number of other combinations without success. What am I missing?

Thank you in advance for your input and help!!!

If it’s from within an email (email builder) then you can just select it from the merge field box (merge button) and it will insert the correct name.

I’m putting it within an html snippet, not the body of the email.
Looking to carry values over to the webform link within the snippet.

Ok but you can go into an email and get the proper code is what I’m suggesting.

Looks like the syntax should be correct, but the data is still not coming through on the custom fields.

Nevemind. I needed to test it with an actual contact. Now the data comes through!
Thank you for your help John!

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