Confirming email addresses on a webform (double email snippet)

Hi there!

I have a question and hoping you lovely lot could help. Is there a possibility of requiring a contact to confirm an email address on a webform, by typing it in twice, and therefore a check is made to ensure they are the same email address? The layout of this would be as seen below:


The person who would be filling in the webform, would not be the contact themselves, but a staff member - i.e. this would be an internal form, so I would like to have a check in place to make sure there are no typos in the email address they input, as it would not be the customer themselves.

I have spoken to IS help, and they said it could be possible with a custom HTML snippet as a hidden field, but that’s all the info they gave me and suggested I bring this to the community.

Any insights?

PS: I do not have a web developer, so I would be doing this myself, so please explain any options to me veeerrrryyyyy simply!

You’d probably have to hire someone on fiver to do it for you. But on a seperate note, I just wouldn’t do it. It adds an unnecessary barrier to entry.

Most browsers auto fill information these days. So if 1 in 50 get their email wrong, big deal right? They’ll fill it out again with a proper email and problem solved.

You’ll come across IS restrictions here. It can very easily be done with a custom field and some javascript, however, IS in their webforms, strip this kind of code. It could be done external to IS and integrated to IS but within their webforms, I don’t know, using what they allow, how that would be accomplished.

Thanks for your replies everyone, I figured out a work around x

Of course you did lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: