Sending emails to a person through a contact record

I use the “Send an Email” function in the CRs frequently.
In the last few months it has become … yet again … more of a pain.
TONIGHT is the ICING on the CAKE:
So you know how now we need to take extra steps to be able to type in the body of the email? To say “edit” “yes” etc.?
And before this a year or 2 or 3 ago when you would hit “enter” twice it would not actually MAKE a new paragraph?
TONIGHT … I just typed an email to someone and it doesn’t matter how many times I hit enter or if I hit SHIFT enter or COMMAND enter or hold my tongue in a variety of different positions, AND … only 1 “enter” shows up … meaning that there is NO space between any of the paragraphs.
Are InfusionSoft programmers unfamiliar with the concept of paragraphs?
No, I will NOT create a template for every individual “email” I want to send out. It already takes so many many many extra keystrokes to create an email that looks 1/2-way decent through InfusionSoft I will NOT create a template and jump through all THOSE hoops just to send out an email.
Will Infusionsoft PLEASE give me back what I “agreed” to pay monthly for?
Since 2011 I have lost SO MANY good features and now have to make SO MANY more keystrokes to do simple, simple tasks.
I was, at I.S.'s request, on an “advisory” panel in 2014 when they were making all kinds of changes that were screwing so many things up.
And, unfortunately, they listened to NONE of the issues I came upon.

Before sending this I decided to go send myself a test email. When I clicked on the “envelope” in the quick search and started typing … wouldn’t you know it but … the paragraphs work … simply by hitting “enter” twice. Novel concept that is!!

HOWEVER, then when I click on the “Email Editor” it takes me to the email that opens that has my signature in it, the “Hi, Lynne” preprogrammed … and all the functionality of links, fonts, etc. BUT … LO & BEHOLD … NOPE!!! CAN’T MAKE A PARAGRAPH FOR LOVE 'NER MONEY!!

Come ON, InfusionSoft!!! You have no issues dinging my credit card for 100% of the fee each month.
WHY IN HEAVEN’S NAME will you NOT give me 100% of the program I agreed to pay for???