Customer emails to us

Hi guys,

We are facing another predicament here, maybe you could help.

When we send emails to customers we can see who’s received what. However, we can’t see in Infusionsoft if a customer actually replies to those emails. Is there a way to have email correspondence tab in the profile page of each customer so we can more easily follow conversations?

Or for example if a customer sends email on our general inbox, can we have this automatically populate IFS fields (if that customer already has a profile)

Many thanks,
Gergana (I work from Rich’s account today)

Hi @Rich_Robinson,

If you click into a user record under Admin → Users, at the bottom you will find a setting for pop email accounts:

Thanks John. I’ll set the pop email now. Would that keep all information in Infusionsoft as well?


I believe that’s just going to give you history. I’d have to look to see more specifics but I’m back to back meetings through to the afternoon so it’ll be a bit.

No problem, thanks John.