Sent Emails?

I am not able to see sent emails in my gmail account that is linked with my Infusionsoft account. Is there a way to identify my emails sent? I do a lot of individual follow ups on the backside of our company campaigns.

I am asking around about this, but are you talking about about not seeing them in API responses, the UI, or both?

I am wanting to see my individual emails sent through infusionsoft. Like in Gmail when I send an email it shows in the sent folder

I guess i am a little confused. You asked this question in the API Q&A Topic, so I am trying to understand when you say “see” is that in the Keap/Infusionsoft UI via a browser or via the Public API?

Also are saying you are not seeing emails sent to conatcts via Keap/Infusionsoft in Gmail or the other way around?

Sorry for the confusion I’m new. I can look up an individuals profile in infusionsoft and see everything sent. The question is if I send 15 individual emails is there a way at the end of the day to see who all I sent to through infusionsofts access to my gmail since they do t populate as sent in gmail.

Gotcha. The Gmail Sync is one way. We only pull emails from Gmail we don’t push emails sent from Infusionsoft to Gmail so you can’t view the emails originating from IS in Gmail. One off emails sent via IS show up on the contact’s email history in IS. If you are having issues with that I would reach out to support to get it sorted out.