Sending an email when an OPP is moved ro WON

Is there a way to send an email to all contacts of a company if that company has an oppratunity that is moved from one bucket to another.

In our case we may ahve 3-4 contacts but only one would the oppratunity contact, what I want to do is send an email once that oppratunity is moved to won to all the contacts in that company record. The email would be a welcome email and have some important resources for them.

If you are doing something with the contact record associated with the Opportunity (tagging it, etc.), you could use this Tag Associated Records tool from PlusThis.

If you aren’t doing that, and you need to have this triggered based solely on the Opportunity change, you could look to use the Opportunity Updater from PlusThis — and then use them in tandem to make this work.

If you need something more custom (or help with this), that’s what we do. Email me directly ( and we can chat.