How to notify 5 contacts that a 6 contact has moved a sales stage

When I advance my customer in a sales stage I need to notify 5 other contacts in my database. I want to automate this. How do I set this up in a campaign? I tried to go to to the email in campaign: Other and enter their email merge IDs but this dose not seem to work. Any Ideas?

This may be a little out of the scope of what the campaign builder is designed to do, but I believe there is a way. With our email builder, there are some limitations. Merge fields in the To/From, and not being able to put multiple email addresses in a TO field.

Now as I do not know your process, there may be some roadblocks, or further building of the campaign needed, but if you create an email in a campaign, you can set the TO to ‘Other’ and input a manual email address that the email is delivered to, when triggered by a contact. In this sense, you may need to copy that email in the sequence for each email address you need to notify.

Depending on the variables, your setup may need to get creative, if the 5 contacts that need to get notified happen to change, based on the scenario…

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