Campaign builder question

I need to assign more than one user to the ‘Assign an Owner’ process in the campaign builder. Is that possible? IF not is there another way that I could have a notification sent an email to 2 (or more) users, when a form is filled out?

Paul W

While there isn’t a way to assign more than one owner, there is a way you could notify multiple users when a form is filled out. In the webform itself, under it’s ‘Settings’ tab, you can put multiple email addresses in the ‘notification’ section, if you separate with a comma. There are not any options to modify a webform notification though, it will display all the content that was collected on the form.

Another option would be to create an email for each USER, in the sequence, and use contact merge fields to put the CONTACT’S data in the email.

You could create an email, and set TO address to Other, and enter the user’s email address, and then put the merge fields in the email, as they will populate with Contact data, as the contact is triggering the email to send. Then, you could copy that email, and set the copy’s TO address to ‘other’ and enter another user’s email address.

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