Is there a way to manually move groups of contacts to the next step in a campaign?

I have a large build-up of emails that need to be sent (about 2,900) that I don’t want to all go out at once, which will happen if I publish the campaign as-is. Is there a way to push small groups of them through manually?

For example, can I create a step that requires manual approval for them to continue through the campaign? Or if I look at the contacts currently in the wait step, should I manually select some and then use the action “Start/Stop a Campaign Sequence” to move them to the next one before the designated wait timer is up?

If you segment your list by location or email domain (or something else) and then apply tags for each segment then you can send based on only each portion of the list. This would also have the benefit of allowing you to see your results on that segmented level and might even help optimize affectiveness to those areas.