Possible to Append URL Parameters to Opt-In Link?

So I don’t know that API Q&A is the correct place for this but because we will be using the API to trigger the emails in question I am going to place it here (if there is a better place let me know).

Right now we are using custom Action Sets in order to send three individual Opt-In links — that are used in three separate Double Opt-In emails. Inside our email templates we reference (for instance):

My question is:
Can we some how add an additional URL parameter to the opt-in link — without breaking the Opt-In link itself?

Obviously something like this won’t work:

Since the Opt-In link renders the entire HTML tag (as opposed to just the URL required) it doesn’t seem possible — but it would be incredibly helpful in our current project if it were. Any creative ideas are welcome!

@Scott_Imbrie Have you tried using the Automation Link settings and possibly creating (or editing) the link there? Marketing – settings – Automation Links. You may be able to create a custom opt-in automation link there with your parameters built into the base URL that you enter. I haven’t tested with the OptIn links, but maybe something you can try.

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@Jeff_Arnold, while you can add parameters using the link Options in the regular Automation Links, that feature isn’t available in the Optin/Confirmation Links. I wish they were :slight_smile:

Thanks. I knew the regular links allowed, but wasn’t sure about the optin links. Hadn’t tested, but figured they may have been locked down.

Not locked down, the optin automation links just work a little differently…they’ve never been able to pass contact details like other links because the redirect has to go to the default confirmation success page.

Basically I am wondering if there is any way I can ‘know’ from the perspective of the default confirmation page which user just confirmed their email?

I mean I guess I could in theory tag them with a purpose built tag that is removed from all contacts after a minute or two.

Therby enabling a query to the api to check which users have the tag. Not perfect but might work for trying to figure out which link the users clicked in order to redirect to an appropriate landing spot.