Email Opt In Strategy

I’m looking for info on how to best strategize an opt-in plan. Can someone point me to some that I can study?


I’m sure there are blogs/white papers on this but generally the approach is to an incentive/value for opting in. A white paper from research. Access to a free short training video. Free membership to a community site. Etc…

I asked this idiotically, my apologies. I see different optin options out there in the world. I put together an email confirmation yesterday, works great, looks like crap. Can’t edit the text in the link area of the confirmation email. Am I missing something?

Sorry @John_Borelli I didn’t mean that to sound so green. Just the best strategy for handling it, layout out the process, not the incentive/value thing, although I’m always up for more info anyway.

So there are definitely limitations with the email builder (though many improvements are and have been made). There are work around’s for much of it but the optin link is generated on a contact basis and is therefor dynamic, which makes that impossible to change and still maintain the function.

@Keith_Shapiro, if you have access to Legacy emails and automation optin links, you can control the verbiage of the confirmation email and merge in the Automation Optin Link with the merge code. That will give you a lot more control. When creating the Automation Link, you also have the ability to add content to the Confirmation Success page and add actions when the email is confirmed…there is a tab for actions like adding tags.

Well, the confirmation link is horrible, the automation links are horrible. I’ve created all my automation messaging and now it seems to have disappeared. Is that common?

Hey Cheryl, I appreciate the info, I figured out why I thought my content was disappearing, it was momentary laps of common sense. However, I’m not seeing where my newly created Automation Optin Link is insertable into the legacy email. I’ve got the legacy email written and ready to go but I can’t find said automation link anywhere. The merge fields don’t have it. Can you or someone tell me what I’m missing?

Look for Links. These are not Merge Fields. Top right corner :slight_smile: See

It’s “Idiot Friday!” I’m scrolling up and down on the thing and I didn’t think to scroll sideways.

In my Legacy email builder there’s no Link button but the template builder there is. I don’t use either of these so I wasn’t as familar. Long week, long day. Thanks for your help!

For sure, @Keith_Shapiro. And I have LOTS of Idiot Fridays lol Just glad you’re able to use the Automaton Optin links :slight_smile: Have a great Saturday!!

It seems to me that I got into infusionsoft after they’d come up with some “less than clunky” solutions to things. While the email builder in the campaign builder is limited to something things, the reasoning makes sense. The editors in the older legacy builders are a total drag however, having them available to do things like customized confirmation and optin/outs is a blessing so… I’m diggin it. I’d never dealt with optins double optins and wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I got it now and you guys were all helpful.

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Those of us who have been around a long time love the “new” but will always treasure Legacy for all the hidden wonders :slight_smile: Now you have a new trick up your sleeve with an old standby!

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