Customize Double Opt-in Link & Direct To Download Page

Hello there,

I would like to know is there are way to customize default double opt-in link,
by re-directing the leads (After they optin) to the download page when they click on “Confirm email” link,

Instead of just showing a default “thank you for confirming our email” message in infusionsoft.

Thank you!

Alexander Ang

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You can definitely do that, @alexanderang7. Create a custom confirmation link in Marketing > Settings > Automation Links. On the Confirmation Page Appearance tab, add this script to the source tab - replace the URL to whatever you’d like:

After 4 seconds, the confirmation success page will redirect to your download page. It’s important that the Infusionsoft default confirmation page is seen to comply so don’t change the “4” to “0” :slight_smile:


Hi @Cheryl_Hunt,

Thank you for being so helpful. Truly appreciate that.

When you mentioned “Script” do you mean the code as below?
This is what I got from the customer suupport.

< script type=“text/javascript”>
var landing_page_url = ‘
var seconds_to_wait = 4
setTimeout(“window.location.href =”, seconds_to_wait * 1000);

Bold in writing meaning I have to replace with the correct URL?

Alexander Ang

@alexanderang7, we’ve used the script you added above and it should work just fine.

For some reason what I use (it’s even easier) wouldn’t stick in my comment above so I added it as an image above.

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@Cheryl_Hunt, for your reference use the “[CODE} … [/CODE]” shortcode around any code.


Thanks, @Pav :slight_smile: That shows how much I know about code lol It works so I just copy/pasted.

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Thank you @Cheryl_Hunt for the advice. Just pure awesomeness! :heart:


Very glad to help, @alexanderang7


Anyone know if it is possible to change the color of this link in the email (Email appearence → field Link Text)? I’m trying, but the link always looks blue and underlined. In the editor looks fine, but not in the real email.