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Hello InfusionSofters,

I’ve been using InfusionSoft since 2013 and since then I’ve managed to garner a hefty number of emails (1000s) that signed up for my newsletter on a website form, but never confirmed their email by clicking the link in the double-opt-in. Many of them appear to have never sent the email.

This could be because:

  • They never signed up, somebody else did using their email address without authorization. (in this case, the double opt-in served its purpose)
  • They decided that they don’t want the newsletter 5 seconds later.
  • They forgot about it. Maybe they filled out the form on the bus or something and never checked their email in time for it to appear near the top.
  • The email got lost in a wave of other emails.
  • Etc

I’m wondering if it is good practice to resend the double opt-in confirmation email if the first isn’t responded to?

Say, set your campaign to resend the opt-in confirmation email a day or two after the first one wasn’t responded to? Or should you just delete these non-confirmed emails? Or let them sit around your list, taking up contact slots for your InfusionSoft license?

Thank you for your time!

When I’m doing a double opt-in, I always run a 3-tier system. Ask for double-opt, wait 2 days, ask again, wait 2 days, then consider them dead.



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Thank you for your response @Jeff_Arnold.

I wish that Infusionsoft had a campaign for double-double opt-in, but I’ll figure it out.

Surprised that this question does not get asked more often!

here is how you can configure that double/triple opt in"

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Actually, the question does get asked quite often. But each company can have different requirements where emails come into play so no one method fits everyone.

We use a passive double optin (sent twice separated by three days). You can then enter anyone you wish into the sequences by applying a tag.

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